175th Anniversary

kville_anniversaryWelcome to Historic Knoxville
Founded in 1831

Incorporated January 15, 1831, the City of Knoxville is the oldest town in Knox County and among the ten oldest in the State of Illinois. 2006 marked the 175th Anniversary of this historic event: the Terquasquicentenniel.

We treasure our heritage

Buildings from the 1840’s, restored and listed on the National Register, provide the focal point of our Central Park. The first water pump house, built in 1897, is still in operation. Historic homes and commercial buildings are located throughout the town, many within the established historic preservation district.

We have changed some since then . . .

Early years saw rapid growth and the town was slated to become a bustling center of commerce as the county seat. With the centering of railroad activity in neighboring Galesburg in the late 1800’s, and the removal of the county seat in 1873, Knoxville settled herself into becoming a residential community.

A place to call home . . .

Knoxville has evolved as a premier spot to raise a family and a great place to call home. The strategic placement of Interstate 74 links Knoxville to metropolitan areas while maintaining the small-town character treasured by her residents. Updated water and sewer facilities are in place to accommodate both residential and commercial growth. A T.I.F. District was adopted to provide incentives for downtown renovation and new development. Schools, churches, and businesses are community partners contributing to the quality of life in town. We especially thank the businesses who have shown interest in the town.