Knoxville Sanitation Department
Yard Waste | Recycling | Mowing | Open Burning

Facility: 207 North Line Street
Phone: 309.289.2814
Fees: City Services Sanitation Fees:
In town          $12.00 per month
Outside town  $15.50 per month
Dumpsters: Charge for Commercial Container Collection Service per pick up.
2 yard container          $25.00
4 yard container          $35.00
6 yard container          $45.00
8 yard container          $55.00

Charge for Residential Volume Collection Service per pick up – keep dumpster 1 week
2 yd    $50.00
4 yd    $90.00
6 yd    $130.00
8 yd    $160.00

Residential dumpsters must be paid for in advance.

Garbage/Trash Restrictions: • We strongly encourage to have your garbage out by 6:30 a.m.
• 10 or less containers or bundles combined
• Bags not to exceed 30 gallons nor 50 lbs.
Containers not to exceed 32 gallons nor 75 lbs.
• Boxes are to be broken down and tied with string
• No construction materials
• No hazardous waste, includes paint
• No yard waste
Curbside Pickup Schedule: Monday – North side of Main Street excluding Lincoln Street.
Tuesday – Recycling entire town & North side of Main Street-yard waste
Wednesday – South side of Main Street & East of Broad Street
Thursday – South side of Main Street to include Lincoln Street & West of Broad Street
Friday – South side of Main Street-yard waste
Yard Waste:  
Instructions: Fill your garbage cans or City bags with lawn and garden waste such as leaves, grass clippings and small hedge or brush trimmings (max. ¼ inch diameter). If sticker is purchased, place sticker on a dry surface on the inside lid of each garbage can filled with yard waste or it will not be collected (max. size 30 gallon). The yard waste will be collected curbside on the South side of Main Street on Friday afternoons and on the North side of Main Street on Tuesdays. Brush larger than ¼ inch diameter should not be placed in the garbage can or City bag. Brush must be bundled with twine or cord not to exceed 3 feet in length, 20 inches in diameter or 50 lbs. in weight and requires a sticker. DO NOT place garbage, stone, building materials or other non-organic waste in the yard waste garbage can or City bag. If these items are found, the can or City bag will not be collected and the resident will be subject to a fine. Yard waste will be transported and processed at the Knox County Landscape Waste Compost Facility. The cost of the sticker and City bags defrays the distribution, collection and reclamation costs.
Yard Waste Fees:   
City of Knoxville biodegradable bags may be purchased for $1.25 each at City Hall and Kaser Power Equipment. Other containers may be used with a purchased sticker for $1.75, which can be obtained at City Hall.
Large Item Pickup:
The City of Knoxville no longer holds a Spring or Fall Clean Up.  To help residents get rid of those unwanted large items throughout the year, we have Large Item Stickers available at City Hall for $10.00 per item. Example of items that will need a sticker are dresser, mattress and box spring (considered 1 item), toilet, vanity, grill, etc.  These items can then be placed out on the regular trash day.
Stickers may be picked up at City Hall. Instructions are also picked up at City Hall. This is a free service and picked up on Tuesdays only.  The City does not provide containers.  Residents may use a plastic tote or a 32 gal or less trash can.
Reuse, Reduce & Recycle
No discharge of clippings into the streets. Unkept yards: Should there be a complaint for the non-maintenance of your yard, you will be issued a nuisance complaint. (Re: Chapter 15 of the Knoxville Municipal Code)
Open Burning: • No burning on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
• Burning Wed through Sat – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
• No burning on City streets
• No burning in ditches
• No smoldering fires that issue noxious fumes
• ONLY dry landscape waste may be burned, NO trash, NO building materials and NO burning of grass clippings
• Wiener roast fires, fire pits and grills are allowed