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Wheel Tax Stickers:
On sale at City Hall. Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Date of Sale: June 1st
A late charge of $5.00 per month with a max of $30.00 will be applied after Aug. 31
Annual Fee: $10.00 per vehicle$8.00 motorcycle
After Feb. 1st: $5.00 per vehicle$4.00 motorcycle
Replacement/Transfer Sticker: $2.00
Display: Lower right-hand corner of windshield
Non-Compliance: AWT fine of $75.00
Viscious animals are prohibited within the City
Defined to mean any animal which has been known to attack or injure any person or other animal who was peacefully conducting itself where it lawfully may be.
City Dog/Cat Tags:
• Purchase at City Hall May 1 through May 31
• Purchase annually (separate from County)
• Tag expires May 31st of each year
• Fee for male dogs/cats (neutered) is $5.00
• Fee for male dogs/cats (non-neutered) is $15.00
• Fee for female dogs/cats (spayed) is $5.00
• Fee for female dogs/cats (non-spayed) is $15.00
The City follows state rules & regulations concerning rabies shots
Leash Law:
• The City has a leash law ordinance; Sec 6-2-3
• Dogs must have a collar and rabies tag (available through the County)
• Dogs must have a CITY tag; Sec 6-7-1,2, & 3
• The City has rules and procedures concerning bites; Sec 6-2-1 & 2
• Owner is responsible for the removal of their animal’s waste material; Sec 6-3-1
allowing your dog to deposit waste material on city streets, terraces or resident’s yards must be removed immediately.
Animals at Large:
• Dogs are not allowed to run at large; Sec 6-2-3
• Impoundment: $25.00 for first offense; $50 for second offense during the 12 months preceding the date of the current offense; $75 for third offense during the 12 months preceding the date of the current offense.
• $5.00 daily kennel fee
• Dogs are kept a maximum of five (5) days
• Euthanasia of dogs after five (5) days of impoundment
Lost or Stray Dogs:
• If you have lost your dog, call City Hall (298.2814)

 Annual Notice of Meetings:                                                                           


Annual Notice of Meetings



1ST & 3RD Mondays each month – 7:00 pm     **

City Council Chambers, City Hall, 33 N Public Sq., Knoxville IL

**Monday, January 1, 2024 Meeting moved to Tuesday, January 2, 2024

** Monday, September 2, 2024 Meeting moved to Tuesday, September 3, 2024

Council Committees

As called by the Chairpersons  –  Historic City Hall

Library Board

1st Tuesday of each month  7:00 pm  –  Knoxville Public Library

Zoning Board of Appeals

As required  7:00 pm  –  Historic City Hall

Voting Information:
Registration: You may register at City Hall or online
Precincts Polling Place
Knox 1 is Knoxville Ward 1
Knox 2 is Knoxville Ward 2
Knox 3 is Knoxville Ward 3
Knox 4 is Knoxville Ward 4
Knoxville High School – Jensen Gym
Knoxville High School – Jensen Gym
Knoxville High School – Jensen Gym
Knoxville High School – Jensen Gym
Knoxville Cemetery:
Cemetery located on North Market Street – Deeds purchased at City Hall.
Sexton Geoff Hurd
Maintenance Tim Rossell
Hours Dawn to Dusk
Burial Spaces $600.00
Records At City Hall or on weekend – Geoff Hurd
Regular grave opening $600.00
After hours & weekend After Hours: Additional $100.00 per hour for funeral party staying past 3:30 pm.   Saturdays: $800.00 on services before 12:00 pm, $1000.00 for services after 12:00 pm. Sundays: $1495.00. No burials on Holidays
Cremations $400 for burial of urns on weekdays, $500.00 on Saturdays, $895.00 on Sundays.  No burials of cremains on top of existing full-size graves.
$200.00 for burial of cremains in memorial headstone on weekdays, $300.00 on Saturdays, $400.00 on Sundays
Rules & Regulations Copies may be obtained at City Hall or Click Here to download
Spring Clean Up The clean up starts March 15 of each year.

There is another clean up after Memorial Day starting June 15 each year

Fall Clean Up The usual clean up is October of each year.
The City will publish the starting date prior to the beginning of work.