Water Department

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday – 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Phone: 309-289-2512
Emergency Contact: Non-business Hours
Public Safety Building/Phone: 309-343-9151
About Knoxville Water Department
The City of Knoxville purchases its water supply through the City of Galesburg which draws its groundwater from an aquifer near Oquawka, Illinois. (An aquifer is a geological formation that contains water.) The City also maintains three ground wells which can supply water on an emergency basis. There are two storage towers located within the City. The South Tower, which is located on the corner of South Broad Street and Broad Avenue, is 100 feet high and holds 100,000 gallons. The North Tower, which is located behind the Water Department Building on North Line Street, is 107 feet high and holds 300,000 gallons. The City also has a 232,000 gallon ground storage tank. The distribution system consists of approximately 140 fire hydrants, and serves approximately 1,250 users.